Solemnity of Mary Mother of God
January 1, 2016


As the Son rises to our consciousness, so, too, does the figure of His Mother rise in our collective imagination and appreciation. Christmas Day, the time when the world bows in worship to the coming of the promised Messiah, is followed a full week after by the celebration in honor of the one through whom the human birth of the 2nd Person of the Blessed Trinity came to happen.

The Divine Son rises in His full human and divine nature. The Mother rises to the occasion and allows herself to be the necessary instrument for the miracle of the Incarnation to happen.

This, my dear friends and readers, is what we honor Mary for essentially – for her unique role in the unfolding drama and story of salvation.

That role is unrepeatable, even as it is humanly speaking, inconceivable. No less than St. Paul recognizes the depth of this mystery. He acknowledges that Jesus, the Son of God, and Son of Mary, submitted himself to the Mosaic Law – thus, becoming like unto us in all things except sin. He became man in  the context of a specific moment and particular culture.

When we talk of the Son, we cannot but talk, too, of the Mother. If we believe, as we all do, that Jesus is Son of God, whose Person is no other than the 2nd Person of the Trinity, Jesus who was man-God, was “born of a woman, born under the law.”

Son-talk leads to Mother-talk. And today, January 1, octave of Christmas, we honor her who is logically called Mother of God, not in terms of her nature, which is human like yours and mine, but in terms of her singular role as the one chosen and blessed above all women, to be the Son’s mother.

Yes, dear friends, talk about the Son, cannot but lead to talk about the Mother. And when we call her Mother of God, it is the greatest acknowledgment that the Son born of this woman, born a Jew and like us in every way, is God.

Glory be to God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Praise be to the woman blessed among all women for her singular and unique role in the salvation that has been promised us, and given us!

For a Son has been born for us, a Son is given to us!

Happy new and blessed New Year to all of you!