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SIC TRANSIT GLORIA MUNDI 18th Sunday (Year C) | July 31, 2016 (English)


All of us mortals long for the more, the better, the greater, and the ultimate! The history
of the world, and our own personal histories reflect this timeless and ageless truth - we
for fulfillment, for what satisfies, for everything that gives lasting
meaning to our existence. We even pine for immortality, for the
proverbial fountain of youth, physical prowess, and beauty. We hanker
for everything that lasts, and all things that lend perfection and
lasting dignity to our person.

All that we long for, and all that we look for are not bad in themselves. They are
legitimate ends for men and women created by God with the natural tendency towards
"self-transcendence." This includes our legitimate desire for material wealth and

liturgy, though, offers some kind of a warning. Today's readings would
have us take a second look at what we consider as the "ultimate." The
Lord, today, would have us reflect…

A FEW GOOD MEN! 17th Sunday (Year C)

17th Sunday in Ordinary Time (C)
July 24, 2016


      The little, the seemingly insignificant, the few, and the powerless ... those who don't seem to count; the perpetual underdogs; those whose lives don't make waves: the widows, the orphans, the poor, and the lowly ... these are those who can make a difference, those whose presence - and persistence - can mean life, fullness of life both
for themselves and others, or the utter lack of it for everyone.

      I refer to the "power of one." I speak of the riches behind the widow's mite, the force of puny David's stone that spelled defeat of the mighty Goliath. I point to the authority of the twelve - the Lord's "few, good men" whose conviction and faith, despite the onrush and crushing weight of the worldly power of kings, emperors, and tyrants over the past two thousand years.

      The faith that we celebrate today is a testimony of the power of these "few good men" - and wom…

SERVICE. SMILES. SERIOUSNESS. STUDY. 16th Sunday in Ordinary Time (Year C) | July 17, 2016 (English)

16th Sunday Year C
July 17, 2016


Abraham was not one to miss an opportunity. Seeing three men on their way towards some place else, Abraham saw the chance of a lifetime to offer some welcome and winsome service with a smile. And then some ... rolls and some meat; curds and some milk ... The guests surely were well provided.

Martha and Mary sure knew their places. Both did not pass off an opportunity as it came their way ... in the person of their friend Jesus, whom Martha, by the way, called Lord! The Lord merited some five-star quality service. This, Martha gave gratis et amore. The same Lord surely was worthy of some serious attention and personal care. This, Mary did, by sitting down right next to the Lord's ottoman chair,
gracious and generous with her listening ears, as she was gracious and winsome in her heart.

Abraham and Sarah did their best to offer service and hospitality to the unexpected guests. Martha and Mary each had a way to make thei…

YOU ONLY HAVE TO CARRY IT OUT (15th Sunday (Year C) | July 10, 2016 (English)

15th Sunday Year C
July 10, 2016


We all suffer from some type of paralysis at some point. We are often petrified in our fears, in our uncertainties, in our mistrust, and in our lingering suspicions. We dare not lift a finger most times to help. What if the fellow is just pretending to be sick and needy? What if the beggar banging at my door is really a poseur  who just wants to fleece me?

We all are potential good Samaritans. We all dream somehow of being like Mother Teresa of Calcutta, or any other great saint we hear about or read about. But, too sad, too bad, all we do oftentimes is resort to wishful thinking.

All three readings speak about possibilities. The first reading from Deuteronomy speaks about the word as being very near to us, that is, within reach, at arm's length, readily available to those who would simply reach out and not much more. The second reading speaks about a God so noble and lofty, whose image in Jesus Christ,
became so close, so…